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Make PNG Files Smaller Without Losing Image Quality

A PNG image file type is utilized by many individuals since it uses a lossless compression algorithm and is a popular filetype for the web. Far better, PNG images can also be semi-transparent.

Unfortunately, due to the adaptability that additionally implies that PNG files wind up being very enormous. This isn’t acceptable on the off chance that you are using them on a website since speed is of the essence for great underlying SEO practice.

Here’s a method to make the pictures littler in size without yielding quality:

An application I’ve relied on for a long time is TinyPNG it will make PNG files smaller, with the goal that the pages you use them on load quicker. It does this by compressing them; it’s a lossless process, however, I for one can’t tell an issue with image quality.

Once on the site, you simply drag, drop and download your picture. From that point onward, TinyPNG will do something amazing. It will show how much of the file size has been diminished, both as far as rate and size.

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