Increase Your Website’s Load Time

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Approximately 25% of the time, your audience will leave if your website glitches or crashes and 20% of the time its because of a page loaded too slow.

This is a commonly overlooked issue that needs to be fixed.

GT Metrix is a must tool to have in your back pocket! Simply type your sites URL into the input and click start, it will ping your site from various locations around the world and display the results as to why it’s loading so slow:

Quick Troubleshoot:

Common reason – your images arent compressed, to compress your images use a look this Tiny PNG.

Reason No.2 – you arent compressing your JavaScript files, this process is a bit more complicated.

Reason No.3 – Your Fonts are surprisingly resource-heavy, try to minimize how many you use on your website and try to avoid Font plugins.

Reason No.4 – Your not compressing your CSS files, try to minimize how many style sheets your website is using, the more CSS code the slower your site load time.

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