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Digital Marketing Consultant In Toronto

I use a variety of useful, robust digital marketing strategies to fast track your businesses online success without reinventing the wheel!
Opportunity Knocks

I will create a 45 Minute face to face presentation on opportunities to further expand your business. Demonstrating how your customers are utilizing your business online, their search patterns and ways your competitors are working to gain market share.

In-Depth SEO Audit

How Google analyzes your website is crucial to the success of your business. A well-optimized website will continuously generate leads night and day. With over 150 SEO tasks and an ever-changing Google Algorithm, staying up to date can make or break a business.

Website Review

I will create a detailed review of your website analyzing its SEO, User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization. Then discuss how i can enhance it or freshen it up by building a completely new site!

Google Ads Audit

Google Ads should always be tweaked. What worked in the past, might not work now.  Digital is ever-changing, and does so at a rapid pace, bring me in house and i will ensure your ads reflect your business!

Past Collaborations

URSA Lighting

URSA has 30 years of experience in thermal and lighting. Combined with there revolutionary 3-pad LED products, they are not only beautifully designed, but lower energy costs by up to 70%!

Advanced Tent

Advanced Tent is the company of choice for the event industry. This includes: public festivals, corporate events, lavish weddings, charity events, and large sporting events throughout North America.

Country Homes

Country Homes has been awarded Tarion’s highest honours for Service Excellence. This demonstrates their reputation for building with unsurpassed quality and excellence!


Im committed to crafting highly usable, future-friendly websites and marketing material with true quality and longevity. You won’t need another site in a few years — this is the one will last.

Trust and Dependability

You can count on me to be responsive, and to deliver clear communication through-out the entire process. All project will be delivered with respect for your time, resources, and budget.


There are no secrets, surprises, or fine-print loopholes. Thats the beauty of face to face digital, its fully collaborative; you can trust me to be open and honest.


Ive honed my work into a smooth, easy to navigate process which makes the management of a website design or redesign project easier on everyone — my team and yours.


Guiding Principles

My digital marketing consulting is founded on the values of traditional face to face interaction: quality and trust. These principles guide every digital strategy I produce.

From The Blog

Each week I dive deep into areas that can seriously give you the upper hand in business growth. No sales. No pitching. Just 100% pure business owner to business owner value!

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