Tech Tips: Improving PC Performance in Windows 10

Performance of the PC would impact the time taken for completion of any task. After all who would love to use a computer that has all the best apps installed but is slow to use! Here are a few things to ensure the best performance of your PC.

  1. Ensure that you have all the updates-

Software updates include security patches and bug fixes. These can fix all those issues that cause lags. So make sure that the operating system, as well as the windows apps, are all up to date.

  1. Explore all the features

When you are using a new feature look for tutorials and make sure that you are doing it right. For example, if you know how to setup two monitors in windows 10, you should also learn how to split screen. You should ensure that the hardware and software requirements are all met.

  1. Study the memory usage and delete unwanted apps

Having too many apps might make it easy to get things done. But some can simply be achieved with web-based applications. Periodically look for apps that you do not use anymore and uninstall them.

  1. Do not multitask all the time

Multitasking is good and with a good RAM speed, this can work pretty well. But having too many apps open at the same time can bring down the speed, even if you have the most powerful computer. To reduce the strain on your RAM.

  1. Turn your PC off regularly

Keeping your PC turned on for long hours can also reduce the speed and performance significantly. A simple restart can help in most cases.

Check for the apps that run automatically at startup and disable the unwanted ones. There are such small changes you could do to notice some big improvement in the performance.

Hostgator vs eHost Customer Support Comparison

If the comparison between Hostgator and eHost is based on pricing, eHost will always be the first preference among the web developers because of the lower price. The exclusive features or services that are available at eHost are also offered by Hostgator, but the former one has a lower range than the later. But, apart from the question of pricing, both of them are the toughest competition to each other.

Whether it is a comparative study of the customer support or any other services, both of them are ruling the market simultaneously. While new and pro, both web developers prefer Hostgator, there is a strong customer base for eHost too. Therefore, it is quite difficult to choose the best one when the comparison is between Hostgator v/s eHost. Still, here is a comparative study that will help you to know these two web hosts better. Read on to know more-

Introduction to Hostgator

Founded by Brent Oxley, Hostgator started its journey from 2002 and only within a year, it has touched a huge customer base of 400,000. Presently, the number has increased a lot with lots of happy customers. It is a global provider of web hosting and several other related services.

eHost – A Brief Introduction

eHost is a pioneer to Hostgator as it was founded in 1996 when the idea of web hosting service was not that much popular. From that time until today, eHost is working with its goodwill. The services it provides are all equal to Hostgator and it is still updating itself with the time.

Hostgator v/s eHost – Comparison on the Basis of Reliability

Whether it is Hostgator or eHost, both of them are equally reliable to the web developers around the world. Both of them offer 99.99% uptime which is really great. When it comes to speed, they provide equal services. But, recently there are complaints against the uptime of eHost.

Besides this, Hostgator is always giving better customer satisfaction when it comes about blogging and web developing for businesses. It is true that both of them are equally good, but in serving people, Hostgator is a bit edgy. All customers can be served with a dual segregated transformer, N+1 diesel generator along with gallons of fuel storage.

These are all available with eHost as both of them are from EIG companies.

Hostgator and eHost – Customer Service

When it comes to customer service and support system, Hostgator will always be on the top. They have their professional and skilled customer service department which is available 24/7*365. Therefore, solving any types of web hosting problems can be easy while making a call to them. Not only over the telephonic conversation, but you can also get assistance through live chat. They always prefer a one-to-one solution which is great for the customers. With reliable and knowledgeable staff, Hostgator has been successful in having a large customer base.

When it comes to the customer service of eHost, they also provide such services, but still, there is a fine line between them and Hostgator. This is the place where Hostgator is a bit ahead than eHost.

Hostgator and eHost – Domain Name Comparison

Both of them are suitable to buy unlimited domains under certain plans. But when it comes to Hostgator, you can buy domain name by paying $13 a year.

Once you are signed in with eHost, you will be given a free domain initially. They not only offer a free domain for the first year but also you get a free domain name for a lifetime unlike to any other web hosting providers.

After this thorough comparative study, it has been proved that both of them are almost walking side by side in the industry.…