How Technology Has Changed Childhood

Okay, so a small anecdote that happened recently:

I was letting my little one for a mall hopping with his friends and a parent for supervision before he would sleep over at her place and I accidentally slipped told her to call me from a pay phone booth. I realized the mistake when I saw the puzzled look on her face.

Apparently, she was thinking that she could pick up an extra smartphone that lies around the house and the one that I give to the housekeeper or the babysitter in case I need to urgently connect.

So, the look there was justified.

But the look led me to think about how different my childhood was.

I use to learn a new skill every vacation. Be it origami or dancing or playing a sport. But apparently, all the holidays that today’s kids have are centered on the computer, the phone, and the television.

I so wish I could turn back time and stop the invention of the smartphone. It has damaged so much more than what it has mended.

When was the last time the kids went to the library eh?

It’s been ages that I stopped over at the library. Or even by the book stands. Any skepticism from the kids or doubts at homework is always addressed with “why don’t you look up Google?”

We used to painstakingly leaf through encyclopedias and they have it so easy!

Finally, no more waiting to see blockbusters at the theatres.

There are apps and widgets that will allow them to watch flicks without even stepping out of the house. So much has changed ever since we were children. Sometimes, it makes you go mad that the children are clinging to technology and becoming dependent on it while rest of the time you are happy that it works you for. This love-hate relationship is going to go forever methinks!

Recently I bought this cute tipi in the hope to divert the attention from smart devices. The smartass that he is he now lies inside the tent and browses his IPad!