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How Technology Could Impact Love

Every couple is unique in their own ways, and according to their personalities and traits, there is a lot of nurturing required for the good and harmonious life ahead. New and innovative gadget, however good it is could influence the blooming relation between two lo birds. There was a time when we worried about how television could affect family relations, love matters, as there was too much adult content, and then came the saga of the internet. We cannot thank enough to the digital age of the internet that has changed the world, now we have the smartphones that are catching up to influence our daily lives.

It has become a world of virtuality today, we are in love with our cool gadgets, and they have become the arm candy to flaunt around where ever our presence is required. This has lead to affect our relationships, our thought process, and the sense of numbness without our phones or the latest technology that made our brain to change chemically and load in more toxins. There are paid detoxifying therapies for couples more focused on their gadgets than their relationships.

The more we try to focus on other things and try to be away from technology, we become more indebted to the heavenly abode of technology, by the time we realize that it has taken over us, our relationship goes for a toss. Well, there are positives too in the world of social media and apps, long distance calls, loved ones sharing their cherished moments that create the virtual bonding. As mindset of people is slowly changing check out, for the latest in the phone free days at work, or just a day without any gadgets, only surrounded by family and friends that are happening at least once in a week, to keep us balanced and value human relationships.…