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Top 5 Essential Running Gadgets

If you are planning to start running, whether it be to lose weight or to remain active, here is the list of the gadgets that you need to start running. Read Christina’s view on the essential items that you need to start running.


Running listening to some great music is a good idea. So invest in a good quality earphone that you can connect with your smartphone and listen to some great music while you run and burn calories.

Smart watches

There are smartwatches that you can use that help you to manage your speed and also counts the steps that you have run. It lets you know the calories that you have burnt. These smartwatches can be programmed to set your daily workout limit and this is a must if you plan to start running.


This is essential when you go running. You feel dehydrated and tired when you run for long hours and thus having a sipper and sipping water with it in intervals lets you stay hydrated and not feel tired. Buy a sipper that is easy to carry or that fits in your tracks pockets.


If you plan to run during the night time then you would need lights so that you are able to see ahead of you clearly and do not topple on something. It is also important to see if in case there are any reflectors on the road. So invest in lights before you start to go running.


You can buy a belt to store your keys, your smartphone and everything else that you may have to carry with you when you go running. This lets you be hands-free and lets you enjoy your run.

Whether you want to use these gadgets for yourself or to gift a friend who likes to run, make sure that you buy them as these are a must have for the runners.

Best Technologies for Promoting a Healthy Diet and Active Living

These days spreading information or encouragement through word of mouth alone is not at all sufficient. The two main reasons for this are that one, you do not get to pass on your message to a wider range of audience and two, the moment you stop advising, all that you have said flows out through the other ear of the person listening. That is why people have started relying on technology to promote a good cause such as MOVOMOVO.COM and other online forums.

Here is a list of technologies that have helped to promote a healthy diet and an active living among us today.

  1. Pedometers – These devices accurately measure the number of steps and the total time spent on doing some physical activity such as walking, running, or jogging. Pedometers have been proven to increase the amount of physical activity among its users and thus promoting a healthier and active living style.
  2. Accelerometers – These instruments measure the rate of acceleration undertaken by the body every minute, in addition to providing details including movement patterns, intensity, duration, and frequency.
  3. Heart Rate Monitors – With an increase in the number of heart-related diseases, having a heart rate monitor by your side is a good idea to monitor the intensity of your exercises. It is also useful for a healthy living for people including heart patients, athletes, and others.
  4. Active Video Games – Video games are not only fun but can also be healthy. These do not include the usual play alone, non-engaging type of games. Rather interactive games that features dance, badminton and other active games will help you stay fit and active.
  5. Smartphones, web-based programs, online apps – All these have contributed to an increased urge for people to learn new ways to stay healthy and remain fit. In addition, these are also easy to use and can be accessed anywhere anytime and has made them the besties of fitness lovers.