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3 Ways Instagram Beat Out Snapchat as Fashion’s ‘Social Darling’

The various social media platforms are enabling people to be more connected with each other. You can chat, video call your friends and family or see their life updates, recent photos on these various platforms. You can also see many shopping options there and it is helping both the customers and the business owners to reach maximum people at the same time. For some people, all these social platforms can be the same but if we see carefully there are many differences. Here we will see how Instagram is different than Snapchat when it comes to fashion.

1) Stories: Both Instagram and Snapchat have the story feature, Snapchat started it first and then Instagram added it to its features. When comparing both the platforms, Instagram displays all the stories on the top panel as soon as we open the feed. Many users feel it easier to view all the stories displayed on the top but its Autoplay can be annoying for some users as it opens up all the stories sequentially.  Snapchat stories are not played auto played but you have to swipe left in the application to access the stories. You can use stories to display your business discounts like the ysl bag discount that is going on currently.

2) Business: Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are widely used to promote business, especially fashion brands. Instagram has a wide number of users as compared to Snapchat. Most of the Instagram users are from the younger generation who has a keen interest in the fashion industry. Most of the Instagram users are not on Snapchat and so this makes a huge difference in overall fashion transactions happening on the social media.

3) Advertisement: Both Snapchat and Instagram have the option to display advertisement, but the Instagram adverts are much cheaper than Snapchat. Snapchat’s analytics tools are also costlier whereas Instagram offers many free analytic tools to measure your business’s performance.…