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How to Save Money on your Cell Phone: The Ultimate Guide

Use the following tips to save money on your cell phone:

Family plans:  All the cell phone companies offer plans with lower tariff when you take up plans for entire family members.  Under family plans, the freebies will be more. This will ensure you to save money.

App to warn data usage:  Hike in cell phone bills come when you keep using data beyond a limit.  Install apps which warn excessive data usage.  Also, use data within the limit of your plan subscribed.

Using Coupons: Using coupons is a wonderful way to save your cell phone recharge amount.  Most of these increase their rewards based on your loyalty.  Try Couponobox.  You get more coupons here.  That way you can save more money.

Employee discounts:  Check with your employer for corporate concessions.  You can avail the same and save money.  Most companies have a tie-up with the cell phone companies for concessional plans.

Analyze:  Analyze your bill every month.  Introspect and find out what charges can be reduced.  Cut on those.  Indirectly this will bring a self-discipline so that you do not spend excessive time on a cell phone.  Sometimes any excessive billing by mistake can be traced only if you analyze the bill.  It is best to have a budget and spend within that.  Most cell phone companies have apps which when installed indicate usage done so far.  So, tracking your usage will help you to reduce the bills and save money.

Change your plan before travel:  When you have upcoming travels, check with your operator regarding the best plans available considering the destination location.  Avoid roaming charges which will make you spend more. Also if you have any anticipation of using more data that calls for a few months, you can change your plan accordingly. So always stay updated about latest plans so that you choose the best one which fits your wallet.…