Month: December 2018

Organic Farming: What is the Technology Role?

Farming has always been a prime occupation of a majority of the nations. Technology has made farming even more productive. Organic farming methods have today advanced and there are ways to produce better yield for the efforts contributed. There is so much significance given to organic farming because going all natural is good for the health. Take the case of the beauty industry for example – you would have noticed a rise in the number of organic beauty products in the market. Using 1 or 2 natural face masks can be beneficial for every skin type. The skin can benefit from the natural ingredients and so can the soil in the case of farming. So organic farming is the one where natural manure and natural ways to repel pests and insects are adopted. By cutting down the use of artificial spray fertilizers, the quality of the produce is kept high and the fertility of the soil is preserved as well.

Pest control and plant disease management made more efficient

With modern day tech pest control processes have become more efficient. Managing pesky insects and pests in the farms is easy if the problem is identified and nipped off in the bud. Drone tech is being used in several places to spot plant diseases and pests. An even simpler way is using a smartphone app meant for farming assistance. There are apps that allow the farmer to click a picture of the infected plants and get help from the experts in identifying the problem and a suitable solution for it.

Sustainability in farming

The user of sensor technologies in various ways has made it possible to establish a repeatability and sustainability in farming. Right from keeping a check on the ideal moisture and water levels to the process of notifying the farmer about upcoming fertilization schedules there are so many ways in which tech makes farming more convenient and manageable.…

The Ultimate Guide: The Future of the Electric Car Battery

In case it wasn’t critical for the soon approaching of electric vehicles, it might get tedious. How would you enhance batteries for expanded life, speedier charging and a more noteworthy range? It’s an inquiry that is explored by extraordinary personalities across the globe and has brought forth astonishing and energizing outcomes throughout the past years.

Aluminum air:

It utilizes water in an unexpected manner. The abode in the battery is made of aluminum, encompassing air which includes oxygen acting as a cathode, and water particles. All these mixed within the battery, they create energy and hydrated form of aluminum oxide and the energy produced is in turn used to fuel the vehicle.

The coats of aluminum utilized have a huge density of energy, and organizations examining it informs the requirement of water to be refilled after every hundred miles. As for the air that is needed it’s available in nature.

Enhanced lithium-ion:

The prevailing innovation of lithium-ion is the best innovation of battery that is available for hybrids and electric cars. Contrasted with various sorts of battery it’s generally denser in energy, rapidly charges is comparatively lighter when compared to other types of battery, and is tested and tried. However, it’s not flawless, and a few research ventures are searching for an approach to enhance its current qualities.

Lithium-air technology is another innovation that is a branch of lithium-particle batteries and might increment the density of energy. Whichever innovation is investigated, lithium-particle will surely be here for some more time.

Software Programming:

The batteries of electric vehicles are monitored by the programming software that is implemented in it from The vehicle estimates the life of the battery, the condition of charging, temperature and different parameters and endeavors to keep up every one to its most productive measure.

The inconvenience due to being estimated utilizing current and voltage, and hence it’s not very advanced. A few specialists are considering how more advanced programming could monitor a battery considerably more firmly, which means fewer mistakes to be incorporated, creating it lighter and smaller.…