Day: November 3, 2018

Smart Ways Technology Is Disrupting The Construction Industry

Previously, erecting a huge complex building was a hard, much costly and a laborious process. Things have really changed now with the advancement of technological innovations and presently such structures can be raised in a fully automated and unmanned manner.

Here are some of the smart ways by which technology is overtaking the traditional construction strategy.

  • The Power of Augmented Reality. This is one of the impressive technologies that present the digital view of a customer’s concept. Moreover, it can be used to showcase and explore the 360-degree view of the building model they wish to invest in.
  • The VR or the Virtual Reality is another technological concept that allows the potential visualization of the construction sites which has not even set up their initial working process. This is applicable for both the residential purpose site as well as for commercial building space. The company which offers the best architectural drafting, details this on their website
  • With the availability of different smartphone apps, it has been an easier task for the builders or contractors to get a note of the different parameters including air quality, humidity, temperature, and even the distance calculations. Further, the high-speed internet data enables immediate transmission of high-quality pictures taken on these smartphones to experts or professionals while seeking for a third opinion. All these can be performed in a fraction of seconds and so prove to be cost effective.
  • Derivation of the 3D image and its printing. This technology helps in the different dimensional view of a physical object. Thus, it can demonstrate how actually a building can be made of its basic raw materials like sandstone, metals and other mixtures.
  • The Artificial Intelligence and Robotic existence. Automation of jobs is the current trend and the robots are the best for it. Although robots are designed to carry out specific tasks, the AI includes algorithms developed on logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.