Month: November 2018

How to Save Money on your Cell Phone: The Ultimate Guide

Use the following tips to save money on your cell phone:

Family plans:  All the cell phone companies offer plans with lower tariff when you take up plans for entire family members.  Under family plans, the freebies will be more. This will ensure you to save money.

App to warn data usage:  Hike in cell phone bills come when you keep using data beyond a limit.  Install apps which warn excessive data usage.  Also, use data within the limit of your plan subscribed.

Using Coupons: Using coupons is a wonderful way to save your cell phone recharge amount.  Most of these increase their rewards based on your loyalty.  Try Couponobox.  You get more coupons here.  That way you can save more money.

Employee discounts:  Check with your employer for corporate concessions.  You can avail the same and save money.  Most companies have a tie-up with the cell phone companies for concessional plans.

Analyze:  Analyze your bill every month.  Introspect and find out what charges can be reduced.  Cut on those.  Indirectly this will bring a self-discipline so that you do not spend excessive time on a cell phone.  Sometimes any excessive billing by mistake can be traced only if you analyze the bill.  It is best to have a budget and spend within that.  Most cell phone companies have apps which when installed indicate usage done so far.  So, tracking your usage will help you to reduce the bills and save money.

Change your plan before travel:  When you have upcoming travels, check with your operator regarding the best plans available considering the destination location.  Avoid roaming charges which will make you spend more. Also if you have any anticipation of using more data that calls for a few months, you can change your plan accordingly. So always stay updated about latest plans so that you choose the best one which fits your wallet.…

How Technology Has Changed Childhood

Okay, so a small anecdote that happened recently:

I was letting my little one for a mall hopping with his friends and a parent for supervision before he would sleep over at her place and I accidentally slipped told her to call me from a pay phone booth. I realized the mistake when I saw the puzzled look on her face.

Apparently, she was thinking that she could pick up an extra smartphone that lies around the house and the one that I give to the housekeeper or the babysitter in case I need to urgently connect.

So, the look there was justified.

But the look led me to think about how different my childhood was.

I use to learn a new skill every vacation. Be it origami or dancing or playing a sport. But apparently, all the holidays that today’s kids have are centered on the computer, the phone, and the television.

I so wish I could turn back time and stop the invention of the smartphone. It has damaged so much more than what it has mended.

When was the last time the kids went to the library eh?

It’s been ages that I stopped over at the library. Or even by the book stands. Any skepticism from the kids or doubts at homework is always addressed with “why don’t you look up Google?”

We used to painstakingly leaf through encyclopedias and they have it so easy!

Finally, no more waiting to see blockbusters at the theatres.

There are apps and widgets that will allow them to watch flicks without even stepping out of the house. So much has changed ever since we were children. Sometimes, it makes you go mad that the children are clinging to technology and becoming dependent on it while rest of the time you are happy that it works you for. This love-hate relationship is going to go forever methinks!

Recently I bought this cute tipi in the hope to divert the attention from smart devices. The smartass that he is he now lies inside the tent and browses his IPad!…

Here’s How Luxury Brands are Using Digital Technology

The role of digital technology has increased the digital revenue through online sales of the product as well as trading at a significant level.  But in the case of luxury brands, digital technology has been used at a lesser pace in the past.  This because there is a huge gap that exists in the demand of the customers to the luxury brands on the online portals.

Many people had the thought is it necessary to go digital for luxury brands since it is meant for exclusivity and royal, but the emergence of technology has made to rethink the growing importance of digital transformation which helps to combine the need of target audiences who are reserved and shy and who stay away from the social media even now.  In order to make them feel free and choose the desired luxury products like 4 yacht, it is the prime duty of the marketers to reduce the gap between the customers and the digital world.

This is the time to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with the customers and to use the digital technology in a full-fledged process to achieve not only the customer satisfaction and brand focussed business but also on the amplifying effect on exclusivity, quality and authenticity of the brand.  If this combined effect of digital transformation is achieved, then it is possible to attain grouping of different processes, delivering efficient business operations as well as improved understanding of business objectives.

In order to achieve this combined effect of digital transformation, the core areas to be focussed are brand engagement, customer insights, and footprint.  If this is done properly, then it is easy to make unique and personal touch of the luxury brand can be retained.

Moreover, innovation and marketing are the factors which are also to be focussed by these luxury brands in case of going digital.  Its ultimate aim is to bring about a balance between innovation and marketing strategies and many brands started to focus on these factors to bring about change and success in their business operations.

Smart Ways Technology Is Disrupting The Construction Industry

Previously, erecting a huge complex building was a hard, much costly and a laborious process. Things have really changed now with the advancement of technological innovations and presently such structures can be raised in a fully automated and unmanned manner.

Here are some of the smart ways by which technology is overtaking the traditional construction strategy.

  • The Power of Augmented Reality. This is one of the impressive technologies that present the digital view of a customer’s concept. Moreover, it can be used to showcase and explore the 360-degree view of the building model they wish to invest in.
  • The VR or the Virtual Reality is another technological concept that allows the potential visualization of the construction sites which has not even set up their initial working process. This is applicable for both the residential purpose site as well as for commercial building space. The company which offers the best architectural drafting, details this on their website
  • With the availability of different smartphone apps, it has been an easier task for the builders or contractors to get a note of the different parameters including air quality, humidity, temperature, and even the distance calculations. Further, the high-speed internet data enables immediate transmission of high-quality pictures taken on these smartphones to experts or professionals while seeking for a third opinion. All these can be performed in a fraction of seconds and so prove to be cost effective.
  • Derivation of the 3D image and its printing. This technology helps in the different dimensional view of a physical object. Thus, it can demonstrate how actually a building can be made of its basic raw materials like sandstone, metals and other mixtures.
  • The Artificial Intelligence and Robotic existence. Automation of jobs is the current trend and the robots are the best for it. Although robots are designed to carry out specific tasks, the AI includes algorithms developed on logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

How To Find Legitimate Deals On Technology

The latest in technology do tempt us but to buy them means that you need to shell out a lot of money from your pocket. BestBudget lets you know how to get the latest in technology by not spending a bomb on them. Here is how you can do that.

Price comparison sites

Those who want to get a bargain there is good news for you. There are many online retailers who slash their prices in order to get business. You can spot them by visiting the price comparison websites that list out the websites that are selling the product at the cheapest price. However, make sure to check if there is any extra that you need to pay above the listed price. Some websites may charge extra for shipping. Also, take care to understand the return policy.

It also pays to sign up for the newsletters of your favorite shopping websites to get to know about the deals that they may have from time to time.

This is a great way to make a bargain purchase. Take care to check the specifications of the gadget again because it could happen that you may have unknowingly selected a wrong product which is why you are being offered such a tempting discount.

Be aware of the cycles

The amount that you pay to buy a gadget is also dependent on when you buy it. If you could delay your purchase then chances are that you may end up grabbing a discount. There are sales so it makes sense to buy the gadget during that time. As soon as a version comes out the prices are sure to be at a premium. If you can, however, wait for a new model to get introduced then the current model will be priced cheaper.

Just keep an eye on the technology releases and the sales going on and be patient with your purchase. This could let you grab some great deals.…