Month: September 2018

4 Key Things to Know About Long-Term Loans

Today many different types of loans and borrowing options are available to meet both your short-term and long-term financial goals and get past financial troubles. These include payday loans, personal loans, housing loans, car loans, and so on. While some of these such as a payday loan is classified as short-term loans because the borrowing limit and repaying term is short, others including personal loans and housing loans are classified as long-term loans mainly because of the large sum borrowed and the extended repayment term. Check out the different loan types, tenure, and your eligibility at

Characteristics of a Long-Term Loan

  • The time duration to repay such loans extends over a longer period, at least more than a year. Hence, these loans are best suited for those who want to pay off their loan amount in small installments spread across an extended repayment period.
  • Some of the common examples of a long-term loan include mortgages, car loans, equity loans, boat loans, educational loans, major appliance financing, business loans to obtain the necessary working capital and other personal loans.
  • The main advantages of taking a long-term loan include higher principal balance and lower interest rates than any other loan. Moreover, repayments of long-term loans will help you be eligible for tax benefits.
  • However, the main disadvantages of taking a long-term loan are that it is risky mainly because of the long time period involved and that it has a long-lasting effect on one’s overall monthly cash flow. Moreover, in most cases, long-term loans are secured with some collateral such as a property to reduce the risk of the lender. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a good and steady repayment capacity throughout the loan period.

4 Key Points About Long-Term Loan

Before opting for a long-term loan, you should be aware of these four main points.

  1. Eligibility Criteria – Since long-term loans involve a huge amount, strict eligibility guidelines apply. However, some of these eligibility criteria may differ from one lending institution to the other. Some of the common criteria to be eligible for applying for a long-term loan are that the loan applicant must be over 18 years of age, should have a steady income, and must be a resident of that particular country from where he/she is applying for the loan.
  2. Credit Rating – Like all loans, the applicant must ensure that he/she has maintained a good credit rating. Since every loan is associated with a particular interest rate and specific repayment term, the lending institution needs to verify if you will be able to repay the loan. This is where a credit rating or a credit report comes to play. An applicant with a good credit rating or past credit history will be sanctioned a loan in the most convenient and quickest manner. However, a person with a low credit rating stands at the risk of getting their loan rejected. Therefore, make sure to maintain a good credit rating and to get it checked before applying for a loan.
  3. Cost – All loans need to be repaid with an additional interest, hence costs associated will be obviously more. However, it is cheaper if you borrow more, which means that long-term loans might be beneficiary in terms of loan repayment when compared to short-term loans. Although common sense says the contrary, this is the fact because it is the interest rates that govern how expensive loans can get. While short-term loans are calculated at high-interest rates, long-term loans are offered at lower interest rates.
  4. Loan Amount and Interest Rate – Before applying for a loan, you need to first estimate how much loan amount you need and how soon you will be able to repay it back. If the amount required is large, then opt for a long-term loan. Generally, you can avail somewhere between $5,000 to almost $500,000 under long-term loans. Next, is the interest rate. Interest rates tend to vary from time to time and sometimes you come across situations where the rate advertised will be different from that of what is actually offered to you at the time of application. Hence, make it a point to know what is being charged rather than being in for a shock/surprise.

In short, long-term loans are a great alternative to fund your financial needs when you are short of cash. Nevertheless, like all types of borrowing, you need to do your homework and do the math …

What Is Martech or Marketing Technology? Everything You Need to Know About

The first time I heard someone dropping terms such as Martech and marketing technology, my jaws touched the floor. Honestly, I had never really heard of anything like that so far.

I tried to intently join in the conversation to learn more about it but since I had no basic knowledge about the concept itself, I was at a big loss. I vowed to get on to someone more knowledgeable but was not in a position. Finally, I checked on the internet and made my own notes.

So, what is it exactly?

Simply put, Marketing technology is the use of technology for the purpose of marketing. Pray, do not confuse this with the advertising of the brand. In a way, it integrates advertising but Martech is bigger in scope than advertising of a brand alone.

It involves using the software as a medium to market:

The scope is indeed very huge. It can include an email strategizing company to a social media-powered marketing company to a medium that collects and analyses important data relating to consumer behavior.  Therefore it is safe to say that every piece of media that can be used by the company to reach to its consumers is called that.

How does it work?

Companies that want to leverage on consumer habits and behaviors hire specialized companies to develop aids and tools or to work on contracts to be able to gather and collate data that can be of use to such companies.

Say for example if I run a digital printing Glasgow, I would require information on what my customers require and what their frequent needs are. From this information, I can either create an inventory or make sure the delivery schedule of the most necessary items is in time for the demand.

Is it cost effective?

Vendors can offer to pay anything upward of $50000 to gather the required data. There are also other start-ups in the field that can charge anywhere between $5000 and $20000. It all depends on the budget but the lower budget companies also do a great job nonetheless.

Best Technologies for Promoting a Healthy Diet and Active Living

These days spreading information or encouragement through word of mouth alone is not at all sufficient. The two main reasons for this are that one, you do not get to pass on your message to a wider range of audience and two, the moment you stop advising, all that you have said flows out through the other ear of the person listening. That is why people have started relying on technology to promote a good cause such as MOVOMOVO.COM and other online forums.

Here is a list of technologies that have helped to promote a healthy diet and an active living among us today.

  1. Pedometers – These devices accurately measure the number of steps and the total time spent on doing some physical activity such as walking, running, or jogging. Pedometers have been proven to increase the amount of physical activity among its users and thus promoting a healthier and active living style.
  2. Accelerometers – These instruments measure the rate of acceleration undertaken by the body every minute, in addition to providing details including movement patterns, intensity, duration, and frequency.
  3. Heart Rate Monitors – With an increase in the number of heart-related diseases, having a heart rate monitor by your side is a good idea to monitor the intensity of your exercises. It is also useful for a healthy living for people including heart patients, athletes, and others.
  4. Active Video Games – Video games are not only fun but can also be healthy. These do not include the usual play alone, non-engaging type of games. Rather interactive games that features dance, badminton and other active games will help you stay fit and active.
  5. Smartphones, web-based programs, online apps – All these have contributed to an increased urge for people to learn new ways to stay healthy and remain fit. In addition, these are also easy to use and can be accessed anywhere anytime and has made them the besties of fitness lovers.