Month: June 2018

The Impact Of New Technology On Mass Media

Technology is everywhere you see. It is controlling our daily lives in such a way, that staying away from technology for even one day, might be too much difficult for us. It has engulfed everything on its way – from the way we speak, the way we talk and the way we see. Things like mobiles phones, laptops, televisions, etc. have become an integral part of our lives. But how is it affecting the Mass Media? A small example is smartphones. With smartphones, you get notifications of all the latest news in one instant. You can even watch product reveal these days or even various conferences on YouTube Live. That’s how much technology has changed in the last couple of years. Following are some of the ways, technology is impacting Mass Media.

Changing Face Of Mass Media By Technology


  • Accessibility : Technology has made it possible for media houses to broadcast and report news and other types of high-value content, with the help of apps on smartphones. This, in turn, would reach to consumers faster than normal ways, like newspapers, or magazines. Television has also been a key factor in bringing this revolution.
  • Use Of Social Media Platforms : Nowadays, media houses are using social media, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to transfer faster news in the process. Many media houses are also resorting to unfair means like Instagram likes kaufen – which means, they are buying Instagram likes so that their news or pages always stay on top of people’s news feed.
  • Engagement : With the help of social media, these media houses are increasing their engagements, so that more feedbacks could be received. These user feedbacks will help at a future date, in improving their service and making it more better for the public.
  • Podcasting : Podcasting is a perfect way to stream only audio, via phones or even your computers. People listening to podcasts can listen to nice discussions about politics, national issues, finance, etc. and thus improve their knowledge on something that is very much relevant, during that specific
  • Streaming, Facebook Live And YouTube Live : Streaming is a new rage, which puts a person straight into the heart of the action. Let’s say you stay in New Jersey, USA, and the new iPhone is getting revealed in another state, i.e. California, USA. You can just simply follow the reveal via YouTube Live or Facebook Live. That’s how easy it is now.

Tech Tips: Improving PC Performance in Windows 10

Performance of the PC would impact the time taken for completion of any task. After all who would love to use a computer that has all the best apps installed but is slow to use! Here are a few things to ensure the best performance of your PC.

  1. Ensure that you have all the updates-

Software updates include security patches and bug fixes. These can fix all those issues that cause lags. So make sure that the operating system, as well as the windows apps, are all up to date.

  1. Explore all the features

When you are using a new feature look for tutorials and make sure that you are doing it right. For example, if you know how to setup two monitors in windows 10, you should also learn how to split screen. You should ensure that the hardware and software requirements are all met.

  1. Study the memory usage and delete unwanted apps

Having too many apps might make it easy to get things done. But some can simply be achieved with web-based applications. Periodically look for apps that you do not use anymore and uninstall them.

  1. Do not multitask all the time

Multitasking is good and with a good RAM speed, this can work pretty well. But having too many apps open at the same time can bring down the speed, even if you have the most powerful computer. To reduce the strain on your RAM.

  1. Turn your PC off regularly

Keeping your PC turned on for long hours can also reduce the speed and performance significantly. A simple restart can help in most cases.

Check for the apps that run automatically at startup and disable the unwanted ones. There are such small changes you could do to notice some big improvement in the performance.